Guiding Principles


We believe every child
deserves an equal opportunity
to achieve their full potential;
and the exceptional public
education we've offered on
the Lower East Side since
2005 is one of the best ways
to ensure it.


We believe teaching curiosity
and critical thinking skills
empowers students to be
lifelong innovators and
problem-solvers; and we have
developed our experiential
methodology and enriched
curriculum to do just that.


We believe our intimate
learning environment and
individualized approach
imbue our students with the
courage, confidence, and
character they need to
navigate, compete, and
succeed in the wider world.

Our three core values, shown above with our three school mascots, represent the building blocks for lifelong achievement. Students choose which “badge of honor” will adorn their uniform.


Our vision is to offer a high quality, public elementary school education that will help close the opportunity, imagination, and achievement gaps for our high-need students by empowering, inspiring, and equipping them to fulfill their individual potential.


Our mission is to teach our students how to learn and love doing it, how to cultivate their curious minds for the rest of their lives, and how to develop a solid foundation on which to base wise choices and build meaningful futures.


Our school motto, “Changing the World, One Curious Mind at a Time,” encapsulates our belief in the transformative power of an exceptional public education.

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